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Radu Dutzan

Software designer & iOS developer

A curated portfolio of Web and iOS design, prototyping and development projects by Radu Dutzan.

Corporate Work

Designs not featured publicly to respect confidentiality agreements

Google Search

Prototyped and proposed advanced interactions and delightful animations using UIKit


Designed powerful tools for Facebook designers, News editors, and the News product

Apple News & Stocks

Responsible for News Publisher, accessibility, and exploration on the News & Stocks apps

Designed & Developed


A simple music player.

Doppi plays songs stored on your device. It channels the simplicity of purpose of the iPod in a fluid, intuitive, and carefully crafted interface.

April 2015 — March 2021

product design iOS development swift


A modern app for public transit.

A simple and modern app to navigate Santiago de Chile's public transit system. Includes bus arrival estimates, routes, fare card balance and spots, and subway stations.

December 2016 — 2020

product design iOS development swift


Browse and order dishes for pickup or delivery.

Fork is a network of retail locations in Santiago de Chile that commercializes their self-produced meals packaged with Modified Atmosphere technology, along with other prepared or curated foods. I designed the initial version of their ordering app, and later built it for iOS.

July—August 2017, January—July 2018

product design iOS development swift


Every post at your fingertips.

See every post in your Tumblr Dashboard as an individual card that you pick up from your feed. Scroll within cards, or swipe to the left to see the next one. Like, reblog, and never over-scroll again.

September 2012 — March 2015

product design ui development objective-c

Cuánto Falta

Your best friend in Santiago.

The first and then-best public transit app in Chile. Thousands of people relied on it every day for bus arrival estimations, bus routes, fare card reloading places, and more.

April 2011 — February 2016

product design ui development objective-c

Selected Past Projects



All-new web photo album to share with loved ones.

Designed and led the construction of an all-new web client for Seahorse, a service for sharing photo albums with specific people only. Shipped a full-featured web experience in 4 months.

product planning user interface prototyping iconography html+css

September 2013 — March 2014


Complete redesign for the Prey Control Panel.

Prey is an anti-theft system for personal devices. Worked with Tomás Pollak on a full redesign of Prey's Control Panel. My first foray into more complex web apps.

July 2011 — December 2011


Launching the biggest blog network in Latin America.

First designer hired at Betazeta, the then-largest blog network in Latin America, while 17. Designed the corporate website, which remained in use for several years.

July 2008 — November 2008

Apple TV Direct Manipulation UI Prototype

Trying touch on Apple TV a year early.

Prototype for a touch-based Apple TV remote, a year before Apple redefined the Apple TV UI with tvOS and the touch-based remote.

December 2014

Student Union at Diseño UC

Free rein to experiment.

As Executive Secretary, I was in charge of communications for our Student Union. I used that opportunity to experiment heavily with the web.

September 2011 — November 2012

Designing for screens since 2007

16 years of experience.

Starting with freelance web design in high school, through media collectives, web and native apps with friends and clients, and as an employee at companies of all sizes, my experience spans wide.

Thank you for your time.